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Security Services

A diligent uniformed security officer makes his or her presence known. They become an immediate deterrent towards unwarranted behaviors. Our officers take the necessary steps to protect people and property. CLG provides professionally trained uniform security officers that help deter various criminal acts. Our professional security services exceed all standard industry regulations, and our custom plans leave no stone unturned when it comes to protecting your interests.    

Armed & Unarmed
Uniformed & Plainclothes
Secure Cannabis

CLG provides industry-tested secure cannabis transport services. With over five years of cannabis-specific transport services, we have implemented systems and procedures to ensure safety and compliance as it pertains to transporting marijuana and marijuana products. We understand the sensitive nature of handling and delivering high-value inventory, as well as the inherent risk of transporting product from grow facilities to marijuana centers. Safety, security, and compliance are at the core of our transport protocols.

Organizational Security

CLG & Associates can conduct a full organizational security assessment to assist you in determining the risk factors within your organization.  We will work with your management team to identify and secure your organization from a policy, procedures, and operational perspective.

Planning Services

CLG knows that security needs are specific to each client. From retail stores to construction sites, cannabis dispensaries to cultivations facilities, each has a unique set of concerns that dictate what kind of protection they require. That’s why we offer a thorough security assessment for all potential clients. Our team will work directly with you to develop a customized protection plan for your business or assets.  Using key information such as local crime statistics and customer preferences, we construct a personalized security plan to address any and all of your safety concerns. Our custom-tailored services ensure that your business is in safe hands so that you may rest easy.

Security Training
& Implementation

CLG can provide specialized training for clients ranging from cannabis security to cannabis diversion.  Training simulations such as Active Shooter exercises to fire drill/chemical spill/injured person training can be tailored to suit a clients individual needs. 

CLG can help you assess and identify your security needs. We have established relationships within the industry that can aid you with any potential security needs. From surveillance cameras and access controls to cybersecurity, we can assist.

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CLG is a CJIS-authorized provider of secure Livescan fingerprint services in Bowie, MD. We provide a broad range of fast, convenient, safe, and secure state and FBI electronic fingerprinting to the general public for reasons including but not limited to state and/or federal employment, licensing, domestic and international adoption, immigration visas for traveling abroad, and more. Obtaining a state or federal criminal history record check including obtaining fingerprint-only services takes only minutes to complete. Livescan fingerprints are made electronically by professional, certified fingerprint technicians using state-of-the-art equipment.

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